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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Chili we come!!

(TEAM BUTTERCUP - From Left to Right: Mike, Nick, Seth, Jeremy, Matt, Me, Jeshua, Matt, & Mark.)

Okay, first off, our team name assinged to us by the intermuel league was "Warriors", but thanks to Rindy & the girls, it has effectively been changed to "Team Buttercup". Believe me, the pastel yellow shirts were not our doing, but assigned along with the Warrior name. At least our new name makes us a little prouder to wear such a soemthing like that. :)

This is for flag-football in case you were wondering. In our first game we were matched up against a team called "The Chariots", who were the champs of last year's Chili Bowl. [The "Chili Bowl" is the championship game played by the top two teams during Regent's Homecoming weekend.] The Chariots, aside from being part of this little tournement, play in a city league. They are pretty organized and have been playing together for quite a while. We were definitely the underdogs.

We put up a good fight. After giving up two touchdowns in the first half, our defense buckled down and held them scoreless in the second. Our offense needed a little bit more work, but it was, afterall, the first time we actually played together. We scored once. The loss was a tough one because it meant that we were put out of the running for the Chili Bowl. Instead we would be competing for 5th and 6th place in the losers bracket. This did not sit well with my highly competitive team. Then good news came before our next game. For some unnknown reason, the Chariots had dropped out, forcing the schedule to be revampt, giving everyone another another chance to make it into the Championship. WE WERE PSYCHED!! We faced 3 games. A win on Thursday, meanst a game on Friday. A win on Friday meant a win on Saturday. A win on Saturday would put us in the Chili Bowl.

This past week our team came together, much thanks to the leadership of our team Captain, Jeremy Puglia, and his organizing of plays. We won Thursday 6-0 against the Horsemen. Friday we beat the Swordsman (gotta love the generic names) 19-0. Again our defens held strong, and our offense put out its best effort yet! This put us up against the Commanders, the one other 1L team (who were actually the team who beat us in the softball tournement) in Saturday's game. Going into the game, we were the underdogs for sure. They had a bigger team, with some very fast players. We were missing one of our star recievers, Nat, leaving us with 9 players - 8 on the field, and one sub.

The Commanders came out strong their first possession, scoring on their first drive. They missed their extra point drive, however, leaving the score 0-6. On our drive, we came back and scored, then missed our extra point drive as well. Score 6-6. It became largely a defensive game after that.

I actually had a very good game, with some very big plays, including the touchdown that put us ahead!! On defense, I was playing cornerback. I had a big interception to stop one of the Commanders big drives. Seth, one of our go-to recievers, got injured, and I was pulled off the offensive line (where I was fighting off their big pass rushers) and had me fill his position on offense. This was my first time playing reciever for our team. While neither team scored the rest of the half, I quickly established myself as a threat at inside recieving, making 3 catches in a row, and gaining some good yardage. I almost had a touchdowns before the end of the half, but my lost my footing after going up for a catch. The second half was nearly all defense, as both teams would came near, but could not put it in the endzone. On our last drive down, I caught a pass that I almost put in the endzone, but was caught by their fast safety. We had 5 yards and goal. The first two plays were unsuccessful, one resulting in a penalty that put us back 10 yards. The clock had about 35 seconds left. I was alot taller than my defender, so they called a play for me, lone left side reciever, and Matt Sexton, our star quarter back was just gonna put it up. I ran straight ahead, and then turned around. The ball was in the air. I lept up and made the catch, falling back onto the corner back trying to stop the play, and into the endzone. TOUCHDOWN!! I think my roommate Jeremy was the most excited of all, hugging me and telling me he could kiss me right now. :) We missed our extra point. The other team had one last shot at a play. We played back giving them lots of room. The ball went up to my man, who caught it 20 yards from the endzone. I didn't let him get anywhere, pulling his flags, and essentially ending the game!! WE WON!!

While I am sore today, as is most the team, we are pumped!! We play The Kings, a 2L team, in the Championship next Friday. It sounds like they are pretty good, and pretty serious, practicing a couple times a week. They better be. Who would want to be beat by a team called "Buttercup" (joking - LOL!!) . The organizer is hoping for a good game, since last year it was a blow-out.

Again, it looks like we will be going in as the underdogs. That's okay. Our team has heart! Don't count us out yet. Practice on Wednesday. I'll be sure to fill you in on what happens. Watch out Chili comes TEAM BUTTERCUP!!!

Grace & Peace!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My Day Came...and Went

I have been tested. I stood my ground, and silenced my doubts. I can now sit back, more relaxed, and wait for the next day when I hear those words, "Mr. Wohlschlegel, why don't you explain this to the class." :) That's right, yesterday, for the first time since I have started law school (end August I think it was) I was called upon to answer a question in class. Now, I have spoken in class, but it has all been volunteered bits of knowledge to this point. Frankly, I was not surprised that my first class to be called on in was Christian Foundations, only because Professor Jacobs knows me. I am after all one of those stupendous Patrick Henry College students that he has been pursuing for a while. I am thankful to point out that I do not share this burden alone, for fellow PHC alumni Mark Leichliter is here as well. Together, we shall pave the way for future PHC turned Regent students.

At any rate, in case you were wondering (I would), I handled the question well. I have it on good authority from my roommate that I did a good job. He didn't have to ask a follow up question. So, "yea for me"! :) Now I can go back into obscurity, and watch the other professors fumble with my long German last name, give up, and reach for another card. LOL! If it only happened that way. No, no, my adventure is not done. I am sure this was simply a preview of what is to come. Just thought I'd share. So, with that, I must go prepare....

Carry on! Grace & Peace

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Homecoming PHC


Wow! Hard to believe that a week has gone by since I was up in beautiful Northern Virginia for the 5 year Anniversary of Patrick Henry College and our first Homecoming!! Time flies. I had to miss two full days of classes here at Regent (well..I can't say I really missed not being in class - lol), but it was definitely worth it. I caught a ride up to Purcellville with the other PHC rep here at Regent, Mark Leichliter & wife Erin. (Thanks guys!) We drove up Wednesday night after classes. Mark and I were actually visiting the campus on the pretense of recruiting some less sane people who, once they graduate, did not get enough of a heavy work loads, late hours and classroom lectures and are looking to fill that void. ;) We met up with Professor Brad Jacobs to speak to a group of around 24 about life as a student of Regent Law School. The best way to I could describe it was "freshmen year PHC" all over again. Yet, to these seasoned veterns, I encouraged them that the work load of graduate school wasn't any more difficult then what they were already doing, and was very doable. I mean hey, I'm doing it here.

It was weird to walk around campus and see so many faces I didn't recognize. I was talking to students who I knew were there my last year, but for the life of me I couldn't remember their name...but I was so glad to see their face! :) I told the alumni this during our meeting, and said "Seeing you all here is like being home...But thank goodness it is not our home anymore!!" That got a good laugh. Friday evening, we had a reception at a beautiful house way out in the booneys with the faculty. It was bitter-sweet as we recognized Dr. Bonicelli for his investment in our lives and wished him well in his new position as (something or other??).

We held our general alumni meeting Saturday morning, which went really well. It brought back memories of our marathon Senate meetings inaugurial year, lasting about 3.5 hours - but very enjoyable to see everyone back in action. We reported on the progress the Board had made since our last meeting in December, both the high points and the low points. We presented the Bi-laws and after some minor changes, passed them almost unnanimously. We got a lot accomplished. Nominations for the 8 new seats on our Board basically looked like a role call of everyone present and not. I have one year left in my service.

Afterwards, activities included visiting the PHC bookstore and buying the special exclusive edition "Homecoming 2005" t-shirt to any one who had $10. (Its actually not bad.) Then there was the Alumni v. students informal soccer game. Danny Davis, Mike Hengumeule, Aaron Thompson, John Vinci (I don't think he's even left the school yet - lol), Stephen Shipp, and myself were there to represent! Didn't do so hot the first half, but came back with a near shut-out and big goals following the second. Yeah, some of us might have been out shape a little, but it was still fun. Then there was a cookout and concert out back of Founders Hall. Kelly Minter, a Northern Virginia native, now Nashville recording artist performed for us. She was actually entertaining and talented. I would encourage you to check her out!! It was a great atmosphere to catch up with people I had not seen in a while. The majority of alumni who came were from our innaugurial class, including a visit of Kerri (formerly known) Williamson. I think there was an attendance of 50+ alumni. It was a very good weekend!!