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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Our God is a God of Inches

Hey all, just recieved word this morning from my parents about my brother Brandon who is serving as a 2nd Lt. in the Army Rangers, leading a group of men.

This morning, his humvee was hit, seriously injuring two of his men, who had to be life-flighted. Brandon himself only suffered some burns and was missing a chunk out of his helmet when all was said and done. Oh, how the Lord has been answering my prayers and the prayers of many for his safety! I guess the Army wanted to call our family to tell them, but Brandon insisted instead to make the phone call so as to relieve any fears we would have about how he is doing. Goes to show Mom that he is thinking of you!! Good boy!

It is hard to describe the emotions one feels when someone close to them faces such a near death experience. I wish there was something I could do to help him, to protect him, but really I feel helpless. I am tempted to think, yes I can pray, but is that really doing anything? I strongly believe that the fact that his life has been spared is evidence that prayer is doing something, and God is listening. My Dad had a chance to talke to him a little, and was able to remind Brandon that it was the Lord who was protecting him. As someone put it to me recently, "Our God is a God of inches!"

When Brandon reported just a few weeks ago, he and his men saw the humvee in front of them go 100 ft in the air after being hit. They were the first ones on the scene. This time it was his. No doubt God is watching over him.

I praise God for His mercies, and I am so proud of my brother and all who serve us in the military. Please keep up the prayers. Thanks.

Its been two weeks...

Its been two weeks and I still have two nice bruises from the Patrick Henry College Alumni v. Students tackle football game!! Lol! It was sure a blast, but it certainly took its toll on me. I have been to a chiropractor about every other day for the last two weeks. (does that mean I am getting old? - NEVER!)

It was really good to see everyone at PHC's Homecoming, and I was really encouraged when at our annual meeting some of the new faces of Administration took time to introduce themselves and speak about their roles. What stood out to me most about this group of highly qualified individuals was their optimism, their passion and desire to help the students of PHC. They are all on the same page and have a deep desire to glorify God in all they as administrators of PHC. I thank God for bringing them there, and believe that the school is in good hands. For any of you Alumni who could not make it, take heart!

In other good friends Matt Schwartz and Faith Brobst got engaged!! How exciting it was to hear their story and see how the Lord was at work in their lives. So, come March 7th, I have the distinct privilege to be in my seventh wedding!

P.S. Thanks to all those that keep up with this blog. I can't tell you how many comments I got from people while up in N. Va who said they really enjoyed reading it. Sorry I am so bad at updating it - I will try to do better. Blessings!!