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Monday, February 05, 2007

Kick off to a new intramural season...

Basketball intramurals kicked off this weekend here at Regent University! This makes this overworked and underpayed law student very happy (we get paid?). This years team brings back many of the same faces as last year. You missed a very exciting game folkes - more so then last nights Super Bowl, that's for sure!! (I think it was team "De-Appreciation Day" since we only had 3 fans in attendance :-) Down by 7 at the half, team GARBAGE TIME (don't ask) fought back and tied the game late in the second half. For the last few minutes the teams went back and forth with the lead, but after the end of regulation, the score was tied! It was clear in overtime who controlled the tempo (that would be us) and in the end we pulled out the victory. Not a bad way to start off the season. Yours truely contributed 2 points and few rebounds, though was a little winded from having refed the two previous games and being a little out-of-shape. Ha.

I was very pleased with the outcome of the Super Bowl last night, as the Colts pulled out their victory over the Chicago Bears! I have never seen so many turnovers in one game, and all one right after another. How crazy was that!?!

For those of you tracking at home in Pennsylvania, sounds like the house is slowing coming back together after tearing up the floor to place down pipes for heating the house. Of course, the big TV (a "51 that my brother ordered and had sent to us from Iraq) came in handy for the game. Wish I could have been back in PA to enjoy it with the fam. Sounds like it is onto "Operation Kitchen" next, which entails replacing the cubbards and doing some other remodeling will be next. Can't wait to get to see it.

Well, back to my regular scheduled program. Working in the law library till midnight, and trying to get some homework for tomorrow done.

P.S. Almost down to one month and counting for the Schwartz-Brobst wedding!!!